Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beaded Loom Bracelet

For the longest time I have loved Loom work, just not all those pesky threads left over to weave back into the work. I knew there had to be a better way to begin a project and eliminate the extra threads. This project should be called an invented loom bracelet...the students in my class have to be very, very patient to set this up properly...but so far all have had happy conclusions!
A hand-made Thai Silver clasp begins and ends the piece and the central design has Swarovski crystals. Lots of pretty turquoise rondelles and heishi add to the very southwestern look. If you look closely you will see some very nice Tila beads, they are surounded by sets of three size 11 rocaille (round) seed beads.

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  1. Hi Rose Mary. I bought your fabulous Lunar Ladder Bracelet pattern last month (I think you waited on me) and I just blogged about it, with a link to your blog: I love your pattern -- very addictive!