Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tila Film Strip Bracelet

What a wonderful chance to use these marvelous Tila Beads! Work this braclelet as you would a semi precious stone leather wrapped bracelet, just remember to stay in place and catch both holes! On this piece I used both a matte and shiny gray Tila bead, just picked up at random and it created such a translucent effect that I thought it looked like film strips...you know the old 35mm kind before there was digital media! Each color used weighed about 10 grams of tila beads and the leather was 1.5mm thick.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Star Power Bracelet

As promised here is the bracelet I designed using the Star Power influence from the earring pattern. Note the cute Beaded Bead Ball at the end , this was a vintage piece from a collection located in New Jeresy. It could be easily replicated using a 12mm wooden bead and several passes with small beads such as 15's or small Hex seed beads. The button loop was created using a simple peyote ring of beads, then making a few passes and on the last row forming a picot of five beads, the middle bead a peanut. Love these new shapes of beads!
Bead-weaving techniques such as peyote and right angle weave were used.

Monday, May 2, 2011

New Olivine Beauties

Away for the weekend up at the Crestline cabin...a first in about four or five months! Treated to a new Bead and Button magazine in the mailbox just waiting for me when we got home. A darling earring feature by Gloria Ljubich using peanut beads got my creative juices flowing again so here is the result. Of course, I had to try things my way and one thing led to another so this piece was stitched with one continous thread, not in separate components as in the pattern. I mananged this by using right angle weave, my stitch of choice. Wait til you see the bracelet I conncocted inspired by this project.

Now to make another set of earrings that I will actually be able to wear, as this runway length just looks silly on me! I'll share this with my Beading friends at my Sit-n-Bead Class tonight as I think everyone has the magazine by now.

p.s. a good issue (#103) with lots of goodies