Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shoulder Dusters

These were fun to make and a great way to use up my stash of bugle beads. A simple ladder stitch in the center and then brick stitch upwards to the top is all it takes. Be careful about the row you use to begin the long fringe, I highly recommend making a row below the ladder stitched one, as that first row fills up with thread and it becomes difficult to retrace your thread path. Just add an extra row below the first ladder stitched row with brick stitch, then continue on with the fringing.

I did create a fabulous pattern for these which was my coupe de grace` of the day, it was a stroke of luck figuring out how to 'export' the pattern from Bead Tool, click the 'aspect ratio' button and resize the pattern so it looks like actual Bugle Beads. Opening up a whole new world in the pattern design department!

Everyone I have shown them to just ohhs and ahhs...but then the comical look happens; who is going to wear these? Well, most Rock Stars I would like to think and a couple of models...Heidi, want a cute pair of earrings to wear on Project Runway???

Soon a smaller pair for the Real Women amounst us!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Leather Wrap Arounds

The latest of my wrap arounds...this one created with the duo hole beads by Preciosa Ornela. A beautiful glass with an iris coating. A five wrap, I think was made at 26" or is that a four wrap??? Well, maybe it was 32" for a five wrap...I think I've made up a formula that works for determining the amount needed for a specific wrist measurement.
Take actual wrist measurement for wrap #1, for each consecutive wrap add 1/4" more for ease. Then finish with three knots, forming two buttonholes for adjustment.
For example, a four wrap for me would be; 6.5" + 6.75" + 7" +7.25 = 27.5"
This way you could make one for a friend and know it would fit properly!

This front side view of a wrap being sent out this week to a very special gal...The multi colored 4mm stones are River Rock Agate which blend beautifully with the smooth cornered Thai silver beads we have at Monica's Quilt and Beads Creations! The leather a gorgeous tan natural color in a 1.5mm round leather.

Here is a full back view of the bracelet, I started adding Silver beads every third or fifth set of beads. added some light to the piece. The cute Lizard button was a gift from one of my Bead Chick friends!