Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beaded Colorways

How exciting ...I won a contest! Wow ...or rather was lucky in a drawing. Beverly Ash Gilbert author of the Beaded Colorways, asked for comments on Amazon when her book first came out. So John and I put together a review and we were drawn as the lucky ones! Well, I'll be the lucky one since I get to play with a new package of beads...ohhh, yummy colors. So... I am very excited! Her lovely bead soups are gorgeous! Check out her website and blog. . So to pick a choice from any of her basic colorways and newly developed bead soups would be hard...The Mermaid looks so pretty (and my daughter, Dawn, the Aquarian and lover of all things of the ocean would probably be the recipient of the piece of jewelry I made from that bead soup) The cherry cordial looks yummy, and I like the blues and purples...Since I am by Seasons classified a 'winter' all those blue tone colors are my favorites. Of course, now with my newly grown-out gray hair it really is like winter and perhaps even the new grays of Spring would be good. Whatever I receive will be fun and I'll post a photo as soon as they arrive, I'm sure it will be a real treat .

Leather Wraparound

This is becoming so very popular in the beading circles. I have to give kudos to my fellow FIDM alumni grad Chin Luu for her design! She started it all about 5 years ago...and thus the full life cycle of a designer element; from Runway to publicity (in Oprah Magazine as one of her favorite things) to popularity (copied by others) to the DIY crowd (that's us the beaders of the world!)

Here's my version and looks so very nice in Howlite and Black leather... think I will make one for my daughter -in-law and a larger one for my son.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Teal Honeycomb Bangle

Here is our version (my assistant beadchick Jeanette) of the Honeycomb bangle from this months B&B designed by Cynthia Rutledge. Following the pattern a thought came to us to re-create it with a magnetic clasp allowing greater ease in putting it on. Stay tuned for further developments...

Back of Captured Crystal Earrings

Shown here are the backs of the Captured Method for covering the Rivoli. A basic start of 5 or 6 beads in the center and then circular peyote growing out towards edge it provides a simple method of covering the delicate foiled backs of these crystals.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Miss my Beading friends!

Oh what a choice to make!!! Today had to honor a commitment ot Soroptomist and attend a meeting in which the speaker is the new pesident elect and the topic was well, topical and difficult...about human trafficking. Bringing awarenness to all those around us and especially to young women around the globe to stand up for their rights, self-protection and sanctity of womanhood is so important. But...I had to miss my Beading night with all my favorite students adn other artists! I left them in the capable and talented hands of my dear friend Starr...can't wait to hear how they all spent the evening.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Two Rivoli Earrings

Another day, another capture and showcase Swarovski Crystal Rivolis. Here displayed as earrings, the Blue/Purple set above are captured with the technique made popular by Nikia Angel. Made with an 18mm Rivoli in Meridian Blue and Sapphire Bicone 5328 crystals using a netting stitch. A quick, rather painless way to wrap up a rivoli surrounded with 4mm Crystal bicones. See Beadwork magazine, Summer 2010, for more details.
The second set of Earrings are competely covered in the back with circular peyote and then points of 3.4mm Mini drop glass beads are set around the perimeter. All created using size 11 Delica cylinder beads and size15 seed beads. This pattern is my original design and is one of many classes I teach at Monica's Quilt and Bead Creations in Palm Desert, CA. As I get more tech savvy I hope to offer this as a downloadable pattern, with more to come.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring has Sprung

What a glorious day in the Desert! Lots of sun, tennis balls flying and birds chirping. A quick three day Quilt show (in Mesa AZ) representing Monica's in Palm Desert with her daughter Natasha went by fast, but presented lots of design opportunities. Received lots of complements on my spiral rope necklace and yo-yo design. So much color inspiration...ummm, what to do next???

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bridesmaid Bracelet

Another in the collection of bracelets designed for Ms. Jamy's Wedding. Six colors of 4mm bicone crystals make up the palette for this crossweave technique. I made this 12" long, added 2" simple chain at one end and a lobster clasp at the other. You could make it longer or short as desired, every six or seven inches equals another wrap around the wrist. Swarovski colors used include cyclamen opal, tanzanite, volcano, fuschia, purple velvet and amethyst.

Going to the Chapel...

Here's one of the many bracelets I created for my most recent Bride, Jamy. This one for the MOB, which I call Double Dainty. A triangle Right-angle-weave technique creates a pretty flower, then for grins turn around and duplicate the process on the reverse side. A quick style button snap makes it easy on and off. Colors of Swarovski used; FuschiaAB, Deep Indigo and Amethyst.