Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beaded Colorways

How exciting ...I won a contest! Wow ...or rather was lucky in a drawing. Beverly Ash Gilbert author of the Beaded Colorways, asked for comments on Amazon when her book first came out. So John and I put together a review and we were drawn as the lucky ones! Well, I'll be the lucky one since I get to play with a new package of beads...ohhh, yummy colors. So... I am very excited! Her lovely bead soups are gorgeous! Check out her website and blog. . So to pick a choice from any of her basic colorways and newly developed bead soups would be hard...The Mermaid looks so pretty (and my daughter, Dawn, the Aquarian and lover of all things of the ocean would probably be the recipient of the piece of jewelry I made from that bead soup) The cherry cordial looks yummy, and I like the blues and purples...Since I am by Seasons classified a 'winter' all those blue tone colors are my favorites. Of course, now with my newly grown-out gray hair it really is like winter and perhaps even the new grays of Spring would be good. Whatever I receive will be fun and I'll post a photo as soon as they arrive, I'm sure it will be a real treat .

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