Friday, April 1, 2011

Cuff 'em, Dano

Look at these beautiful examples of Bead Embroidered Cuffs. The bracelets in the photos above are being created by my Bead Chick Friends (and students:-) from the Great NW. Their first attempt at Bead Embroidery and they are showing such artistic promise! Notice the little beaded (3.4mm mini magatamas) drops in Cherryl's at the top, they will represent a cluster of grapes, in fact her whole piece tells a story. I love it when we can focus on a journey to tell and translate the thoughts into beads.

LuAnne's cuff, shown in the middle , has beadwork centered around a piece of gorgeous Austalian Opal, it'll be fabulous with denim jeans and a fun top..hey, for a chain mailler she can bead really fast! Very good transitions from one color to the next...notice the calming colors of this complementary color scheme.

Nancy's is a wonderful color study told in an analogous (colors side by side on the color wheel) colorway. She carried the lime green of the Caspite throughout the piece and anchored it all with the deep tones of navy and indigo. Another beader that comes to us from the world of wire and Chainmaille...They are all doing such beautiful work!

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