Monday, March 25, 2013

Diamonds in a Row loomwork

I'm newly fascinated with Loomwork again, after a break of a few years. I remember creating pieces on the loom, then being intimidated by all the loose threads to sew in to place. Now I know a few different methods in finishing the work but the most fun is using one of the newer looms that are warp-less. The most recent work was completed on a Rick's at Monica's Quilt and Bead Creations...The only concern was what type of closure to make and how to attach the clasp.
The toggle was a simple peyote beaded bead and strap in the similar weave as center of bracelet. The  middle of the toggle is filled with smaller size 8 beads on a 18 gauge wire and 6mm crystals.
The clasp is a shaped peyote piece rendered with a little help from the Diane Fitzgerald book that is a great study of the same. I filled the shape with tiny rolls of foil so it would keep it's firmness through the wearings.
It was fun creating the pattern on my BeadTool4.5...or what ever update it's up to now...I just know I like the program and it makes it easy to switch out colors and move patterns around.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tutti Fruitti

Anothe in my series of Odd Count Peyote bracelets. this simliar pattern was reworked in the neon brights. All Delica beads with 4mm fire polish Czech glass topped with a size15 seed bead to hide the slider clasp with five loops. This item beaded by Wendy Hathaway who did a gorgeous job!

Sweet Valentine

Here is one of the sweetest cuffs I've seen in a while! Pattern was created by another beader and I just thought her use of color space and shadow was great. Will post her name and the magazine as soon as I locate both...Of course, I changed the colors because I wanted to wear it right away! Looks like a bunch of valentine heart candies ready to eat! It was a real treat to wear on Valentine's Day.
Made entirely of delica beads with a five loop slider.