Sunday, July 17, 2011

Senorita Bonita

Look what swam over from fantasy lagoon! As a member of Beaddreamz (a yahoo group), the current challenge is creating colorful fish...well, who knew it could be so much fun!!! (work? what work???) I have made a couple for the swap, those are kept under wraps, but this little Beta beauty seems to have found a home. Her name is 'Senorita Bonita', pretty little Miss, a fanciful Fantail Fandango, whose origins are somewhat dubious but most likely she comes from the Deep Blue Seas of the Pacific Rim.
A simpler version can be seen at the Beaddreamz site, check photos for "2011 Fish Challenge" and "ZZZ Fish Challenge 2008", a past swap with photos.
This is similar to making a beaded bead, using peyote stitch. Lots of beads were used, including pink, coral and purple seed beads, Delicas and crystals.

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