Thursday, October 20, 2011

Transitions Bracelet

A fun collection of several types of black beads, including 3.4 drops, each stitched for about an inch and then changed into a different stitch. A good form of practice for tackling multi stitch projects. My first idea was to stitch a 7" swatch of each stitch and then wear it as a wrap bracelet. Well, of course, sanity got the better of me and in order to finish this up quickly, a revised shorter version was made. The influence for this bracelet is one of the newest Lark Master Beader Series, Maggie Meisters Classical Elegance. Several pieces in this book require more than just one stitch and often a knowledge of transitioning from one stitch into another is required. Thought this piece would make a great learning project. It includes; peyote, brick stitch, two drop peyote, ndebele, right angle weave and square stitch.

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