Monday, March 5, 2012

Olivine Pearl Wraparound

First of all, for any of you Latin buffs out there...would you like a challenge? Translate the wording on the copper button; tandem patientia vincit...together we conquer, umm, calmly? no that doesn't seem right...what do you think?
Okay, now down to business! The wraparound was something I made in an evening, amazing how fast it went together. First the inspriation came from the glass pearls, nice look and smooth finish with smooth holes, too. Each pearl section was about 8" of beads, separated by a grouping of chinese rondells and then a group of 4mm fire polish czech. It wraps four times and feels very nice. It's such a pretty color of green, goes with lots of the wardrobe.
Well, this is probably the first of several in this pattern. I know a grey and black one are waiting to be made, as well as a red and silver one...Now , where'd I put that silver button???


  1. Your wrap bracelet turned out really great, love the greens. Hope you post the next colors. Have fun.