Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blue Diamond Peyote Bracelet

A new version of my odd count peyote series, this one a direct result of designing a smaller odd count peyote beaded bead. A beautiful shade of denim blue-green, Delica Bead #325 is the basis for this layout. It matches beautifully with the beaded key presented in an earlier post.
Pattern was created on the Bead Tool 4.4 or 4.7 which ever is the lastest update. I find working with the product extremely easy and very managable. I transported the design from the beaded bead for the key into the new program of the bracelet...or rather made a revision and hit 'save as' in order to create a new pattern. I will also be making this in a Victorian color way for the Holidays...It is July after all and what better time to start on holidays gifts and projects? trust me, time flies...
The bracelet clasp is a rather simple one, however it lent itself perfectly to the antique brass tones needed to complement this bracelet. I purposely have shown you the back side of the clasp. Note how the piece aligns next to the bar clasp and the loops of the clasp sit inside the beadwork. The stitch was more of a running backstitch catching the clasp at the same time as the stitching was passing through the loops.
Looks like my friend Joanne, will be making yet one more bracelet for the summer! This one a perfect fit for all those casual days of tee shirts and jeans.
Happy Beading on a Summer Day!

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