Sunday, January 8, 2012

How sweet it is...

It is just so sweet when a plan comes together. A wonderful friend has a very clever beau, he ordered a matching necklace to complement the jewelry she had worn at her daughter's wedding last year. I had also created some of the jewelry for the bridal party. Such a great idea!
This beautiful piece combines the simple crossweave technique with the more complex triangle right angle weave. All created with Fireline and each crystal is buffered with a small silver size 15 seed bead. Some of the Swarovski crystal colors include Light Amethyst, Amethyst, Purple Velvet, Indigo, Tanzanite2XAB, Blue Metallic 2XAB, Cyclamen Opal AB, Cyclamen Satin, Fuchsia2XAB and Vitrail Medium...whew! Over 200 crystals make up this piece, which sits just about the collarbone. It looks gorgeous on her! I may have to make a black and silver version for myself, time permitting, ummmm, would that be sometime in July?

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