Wednesday, February 1, 2012

B&B Bangle with a catch

Charming photography, don't you think? My honey is doing a great job, wait 'til I find him a great camera, then he'll have a good time!
This bracelet, constructed with 3mm Swarovski Pearls, Tila Beads and 4mm bicones has a circular bead path and tension is key here to help form the shape. From the January issue of bead & button, this piece caught my eye, but alas, I don't wear bangles well. So, my change-up or "catch" is the magnetic barrel at each end, which I covered in cirular peyote.
This particular magnet is simple in shape and has a deep hole in which to sink a head pin, crimp or stop bead. A circle of sixteen (16) Delica Beads forms the even count base for the build up. A set of twelve rows covered the whole magnet and hides it fairly well. Now I'm on the look out for a cube shape that might mimic the outside shape of the bracelet.

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