Sunday, April 22, 2012

Twin Denim Wrap

These denim colored "twin" beads are gorgeous when used with peyote stitch. A new product from Preciosa Ornela, they come in so many delectable colors. A precious glass from the Czech company that has been around longer than Swarovski...nice, smooth double holes on each side of an oval shaped bead. Sized somewhere between an 11 and a 8 seed bead since both seem to tuck up easily next to the open space left at the end of a row.
Free patterns are readily available online at the Facebook page for Preciosa Ornela.
This bracelet was created using simple even count peyote stitch. Made twice as long as needed so it could become a wrap bracelet...well, just because anything worth making is worth doing twice, right??? Plus, it makes that piece so much more modern and of the current times. An easy change of the beads created the diamond shaped pattern, this way I was able to use two small tubes of different colors for the whole bracelet. Like the picot stitch on the edge? When you are ready to turn in to the next row of peyote, pick up the three beads needed for the picot at the same time you make the turn. Here three (3) size 11 seed beads were used, another possibility would be a size 11, a 3.4mm drop and a size 11 seed bead. A view of that one later in the week!

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