Saturday, April 21, 2012

Two Simple Twin Rings

Oh look, thinking in twos already! One ring for my daughter, one for my DIL, both pregnant with our first grandbabies!

Simple right angle weave or even easier cross-weave technique is the method of construction for these little beauties. Fast to finish, a great way to use up left over crystals and put a little BLING at your fingertips. When using so many Swarovski bicone crystals, I highly reccomend Fireline or Wildfire beading threads for a bit more lasting power. Notice how the colors are accented with a brightly colored metallic spacer. I wish they were gold, but nowadays Vermeil will just have to do! Adding a spot of gold or Silver to your piece gives it a bit of life...keeps the eye moving around. The biege color is Sand Opal, a special coating, I think, because no one seems to know where to find them again (great)...The other in a pretty green called KhakiAB.

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